Pro+ 3m Background Stand


Our easy to setup, sturdy background stand is ideal for supporting vinyl, paper rolls, muslin, fabrics and other materials. The stands make it easy to adjust to your preferred working height and the width is adjusted by fitting the desired amount of crossbars. Multi-Functional, this system can also support Strobe Flash units and Speedlights. The system breaks down into the supplied canvas bag. Use with your favourite background material to give a superb backdrop for photography and video.


  • Durable Steel tube and square section construction and ABS Plastics
  • Premium twist interlocks
  • 3 crossbars to support multiple background widths, up to 3.03m
  • Multi Functional, Stands can also support Strobe units and Speedlights
  • Max working height is 3m
  • Heavy weight construction supports Vinyl, Paper Rolls and other materials
  • Strong canvas bag
  • Anti Slip Rubber Feet


  • Weight 9.9kg
  • Height up to 3m
  • Supports a Maximum Background Width of 3.03m (3 Crossbar Setup) or 2.03m (2 Crossbar Setup)
  • 2 Crossbar setup requires min 2.7m floor space
  • 3 Crossbar setup requires min 3.7m floor space
  • Supports up to 15kg at 2.5m height UDL (Universally Distributed Load)



Price: £89.95