Imperial & Metric Background Sizes

For continuity, we quote Metric measurements throughout this site but for those of you that want to see Feet and Inches, here is our conversion table

Photographic Backgrounds Metric to Imperial




Width Length   Width Length
2m 3m   6ft 6¾in 9ft 10in
2m 4m   6ft 6¾in 13ft 1½in
2m 6m   6ft 6¾in 19ft 8in
2m 8m   6ft 6¾in 26ft 3in
2.7m 4m   8ft 10in 13ft 1½in
2.7m 6m   8ft 10in 19ft 8in
2.9m 4m   9ft 6in 13ft 1½in
2.9m 6m   9ft 6in 19ft 8in
2.9m 8m   9ft 6in 26ft 3in
3m 4m   9ft 10in 13ft 1½in

 NOTE: Conversions are approx, and have been rounded to the nearest 1/4" inch. Core Sizes are 2"

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