2.9m x 4m DUO Black/White Vinyl Background *Bargain B Grade*


Roll Notes

These Duo Backgrounds have been graded and are being sold as seconds and as such may have a few aesthetic problems.

  • Some might have slight surface imperfections such as occasional Pin Prick Holes or dents, but nothing that will be affect normal use
  • The edges might not have been perfectly trimmed and might have a rough edge

***We only have a very limited stock of these so pick yourself up a bargain! ***


Product Description

Our Duo Black and White Vinyl Backgrounds combine the versatility of a White High Key and Black Low Key Background on one double sided roll. Developed specifically for photography and video applications it is ideal for fixed or portable set-ups and compatible with natural, strobe or continuous lighting methods.

Eliminate the need for 2 rolls, simply flip over to switch between White and Black surfaces. As with all DUO's, our Premium grade Vinyl offers the perfect balance between weight and durability. Supplied on an Aluminium tube, it won't sag in the middle like many cardboard cored backgrounds. Also the end of the background material is fused to the tube so it won't become detached when unrolled to the end.

Choose DUO, The Original Double Sided Backgrounds - Developed and Assembled in the UK.


  • Double Sided - White and Black Vinyl Background
  • Premium 510gsm Matte, Seamless, Easy Clean, Fire resistant Vinyl
  • For all Photography and Video applications using suitable free-standing or wall mounted supports
  • Aluminium Core with Fused Vinyl end, to prevent detaching and sagging
  • DUO - The Original Double Sided backgrounds - 2 on 1 Roll, Save money – Save space
  • Supplied in a heavy duty cardboard roll for storage.


  • 2.9m Wide Sizes: 2.9m (W) x 4m (L) 7.3kg, 2.9m (W) x 6m (L) 9.75kg, 2.9m (W) x 8m (L) 12.2kg , 2.9m (W) x 10m (L) 14.6kg
  • Tube Length 2950mm (Long)
  • Aluminium core 50.8 mm / 2" - (external diameter) - 47.5mm - (internal diameter)




Price: £95.00